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Social distancing Indians students gain new health routine conceptual life style. New shape of burnside mouths

Joint Event on 35th International Conference on Advanced Pediatrics and Neonatology & 7th International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology

November 23, 2020 | Webinar

Rahul Hajare

Indian Council of Medical Research, India

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Abstract :

Phone sex has a safe and easy way to keep the spark in a relationship alive and remain free from infection. Infection has higher side. When everyone knows has practising social distancing and selfisolation where does that leave sex? The country has in a lockdown. People have to keep themselves confined to their homes; it doesn't preclude the possibility of sex. It has unrealistic to believe that during the lockdown; billions of people won't give in to their most primal desire and abstain from lovemaking. The lockdown has intended to keep people confined to their homes; what they do inside is their own business. The threat posed by COVID-19.

Biography :

Rahul Hajare has been a hard worker all his academic life. After his Ph.D in Pharmacy from Bangalore which he completed with flying colours, he is fortunate to work NARI primer HIV Research Institute to complete Post Doc of World Renowned Scientist Respected Dr. R.S.Paranjape., Retired Director & Scientist ‘G’ National AIDS Research Institute Pune. Dr. Rahul Hajare has Associate Professor of Medical Chemistry to Pune University (until 2020), he serviced three times Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Science and Analytical Science. Dr. Rahul Hajare now Principal of Ishwar Deshmukh Institute of Pharmacy affiliated to council of India.