Severity-tracking biomarkers for ASD
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Severity-tracking biomarkers for ASD

European Autism Congress

March 14-15, 2019 | Zagreb, Croatia

Nagwa Abdel Meguid

National Research Centre, Egypt

Keynote: Autism Open Access

Abstract :

ASD develops through a complex set of etiologies that involve environmental, genetic, and immunological factors. The subjectivity of behavioral diagnosis urges the need for biomarker clinical tests to improve and complement ASD diagnosis. A wide range of biomarkers to diagnose and indicate the severity of ASD include metabolic and genetic biomarkers. The role of oxidative stress in the etiology of an ASD diagnosis, including increased lipid peroxidation, altered antioxidant enzymes in plasma, mitochondrial dysfunction, and the genetic factors; recently reported, as tracking biomarkers will be discussed. However, it is still premature to consider these genetic variants as true biomarkers for ASD, due to their regional-specific nature. The panel addresses two principle categories; molecular with recent gene discoveries and analyze the transcriptional profile of genes involved in the oxidative stress pathway in autism, in addition to relationship between oxidative stress related blood, urine and nutritional biomarkers. Herein, we will comprehensively review the biomarkers reported in ASD in addition to our own experience. It is important to establish those biomarkers resulting able to help diagnosis and optimize the treatment of ASD.

Biography :

Nagwa Abdel Meguid is a Professor of Human Genetics and Former Head of Human Genetics Unit, National Research Centre (NRC) in Egypt. She holds a PhD in Human Genetics and is a Senior Geneticist at the Genetics Institute, Pasadena, California; a fellow of Uppsala University, Sweden and Yale Universities. She was one of five selected scientists to win the outstanding L’Oreal UNESCO Award for Women in Science for Africa & Middle East (2002); awarded with the National State Award of Excellence in Advanced Medical Science & Technology, 2016. She is the Head of the Laboratory of Research in DNA in genetic behavioral disorders and Founder of Autism Research Study. She is a Jury President for L’OREAL-UNESCO Awards, supervised 50 theses and has 70 international publications.

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