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Risk management & patient safety in pediatric and adolescent surgery

2nd Global Congress and Expo on Pediatric Cardiology & Healthcare

September 22-24, 2016 Las Vegas, USA

Andreas Fette

SBK Klinikum, Germany
University of Pecs, Hungary

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Abstract :

How to increase patient safety and quality of care, or how to implement an effective risk management in our health care setting, are one of the most burning questions currently discussed within the public, among politicians and the medical community. Globally, first aspects have been founded in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the year 2015 or in the Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care (GIEESC) in 2008. In addition, guidelines and recommendations for such an institutional and clinical risk management in surgery have been issued in first world countries, like Germany, by professional risk managers, patient safety experts and medical chambers. By tradition, they focus more on adults than on children, and of course, more on public health issues than on surgery. In this communication well known patient safety and risk management goals are re-focused and proposals for their adaptation for the specific needs in pediatric and adolescent surgery are made. It has been especially considered, if safety tools and the safety culture out of the aviation sector or other High Reliability Organizations (HRO) are already have been implemented or could be implemented in the near future. The expertise of the author and his all day clinical practice are discussed in front of a literature review to define our current standing and possible impact for the future. Finally, we will conclude, if our evaluation is sound enough to serve as a basis for a commonly accepted accreditation tool in pediatric & adolescent surgery.

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