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Prevention of cardiac diseases: A new role for the primary care pediatrician/family physician

4th International Conference on Pediatrics & Pediatric Emergency Medicine

March 29-31, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Andreas C Petropoulos

Azerbaijan State Medical University, Azerbaijan

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Abstract :

The aim of this paper is to present to the primary care pediatricians and family practitioners the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutical measures they can apply to lift the burden of cardiac disease in childhood. Although preventive policies are long time applied both to the adult and the pediatric population the burden of cardiovascular diseases is increasing worldwide. Obesity and essential hypertension are the leading conditions in childhood. Do we know how to prevent or treat them? The use of pulse oximetry after the first 36 to 48 hours post birth increases the early detection of critical and cyanotic congenital heart diseases. When present in an initial assessment of a neonate, are we aquatint with this screening method? Frequently the primary care providers are asked to evaluate a child before been involved in sports activities. What seems to be the best algorithm and when we shall refer a child for a specialist consultation? Finally as populations are rapidly migrating around the world, is it time to remember rheumatic fever and its cardiac involvement? All above questions when answered will underline a new role for the primary care pediatrician and family physician.

Biography :

Andreas C Petropoulos graduated from Aristotle University’s Medical School, Greece in 1989. He followed 30 year career as a medical officer, senior Flight Surgeon in the Hellenic Air-Force. He has specialized in Aviation & Hyperbaric Medicine, Pediatrics, Fetal, Pediatrics and Congenital Cardiology in USA and Europe. He holds MSc in Preventive Cardiology. He is an AEPC Prevention and Heart Failure/Pulmonary Hypertension, working group’s member. He worked and lectured in Athens and Brussels universities. Currently, he consults in Fetal, Pediatrics and Congenital Cardiology in MerkeziKlinika and is Associate Professor at the State University and Post-Graduate and CME Center in Azerbaijan. His research focuses on prevention, CVD imaging techniques, fetal cardiology and heart failure.