Preliminary result laparoscopic hernia repair
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Preliminary result laparoscopic hernia repair

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March 18 - 19, 2019 | Chicago, USA

EH Raboei, A Alsaggaf, A Ghallab, Y Owiwi, E Khalifah, A Zeinelabdeen, M Zidan, M Fayez, A Atta, and I Abdelrahem

KFAFH, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Aim: To compare the outcome of laparoscopic hernia repair and open herniotomy.

Patients and methods: Retrospective study conducted between January and June 2017. Forty-six patients underwent either laparoscopic surgery or open surgery for pediatric inguinal hernia repair. The outcome was compared. Patients were followed up from 6-12 months. The collected data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science version 22, p-value<0.05 was considered significant

Results: Total 46 patients were operated, the majority were male 84.8%. Fifty-six % were less than 1 year, 19.6% were between 1-5years, and 23.9% were 6-13years old. Twentyseven patients underwent open herniotomy OH, 8 underwent laparoscopic percutaneous internal ring suturing PIRS, 11 laparoscopic sac dissection & intracorporeal suturing SDIS. Mean age is 3.61years, 1.86years, and 2.56years for OR, Lap PIRS and SDIS respectively. For unilateral procedures mean operative time was 36.68 min for OH and 48.80 min for PIRS p=0.12 & 102.16 min for SDIS p<0.001. For bilateral procedures mean operative time was 37.00 min for OH and 63.33min for PIRS p=0.12, and 109.00min for SDIS p<0.001. Seven CPPV found in laparoscopic surgery. Unnecessary inguinal exploration avoided in one patient. Stitch granuloma developed in one patient underwent SIRS

Conclusion: There is no significant difference in the operative time of PIRS and open OR. Although the number of cases is small we could conclude that Lap PIRS is safe with a good learning curve and excellent cosmetic result in the treatment of pediatric inguinal hernia.

Biography :

She is senior consultant pediatric, neonatal & urology surgeon MIS and single incision pediatric endoscopic surgeon president elect ipeg me chapter member of Saudi general surgery executive board Jeddah kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

E-mail: [email protected]