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Pediatric cochlear implantation

Joint Event on 16th Annual World Congress on Pediatrics & 3rd Annual World Congress on Pediatric Nutrition, Gastroenterology & Child Development

March 21-22, 2018 | New York, USA

Susan B Waltzman

New York University School of Medicine, USA

Keynote: Pediatr Ther

Abstract :

As a result of newborn hearing screening and improved evaluation tools, many children with severe-to-profound hearing loss are being diagnosed as infants, which afford the opportunity to provide these children access to cochlear implantation although medical challenges must be addressed. The purpose of this presentation was to review all aspects of pediatric cochlear implantation including safety and efficacy in very young children. Anesthesia risks, blood volume, skull size and thickness, skull growth and device position will be discussed in addition to candidacy and variable affecting outcome in various pediatric age groups.

Biography :

Susan B Waltzman is the Marica F Vilcek Professor of Otolaryngology and Co-Director of the NYU Cochlear Implant Center. Her research is focused on two main areas: outcomes with cochlear and brainstem implants and isolating the variables which affect performance including the impact of new technology on outcomes in children, adolescents, older adults and special populations. The most current research at the cochlear implant center focuses on the treatment of those with single-sided deafness, residual hearing and children with compromised auditory nerves. She has been the PI on numerous device-related clinical trials over the past 20 years, the most current trial being the use of auditory brainstem implants in children with compromised auditory nerves. She is the author of more than 110 peer-reviewed articles, numerous book chapters and in 2014, the third edition of a textbook with Dr J Thomas Roland titled Cochlear Implants. She also has been invited as a visiting professor at many institutions world-wide and is a frequent contributor and invited speaker at national and international conferences.