Neuro-behavioral alterations in type 1 diabetes mellitus among adolescent
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Neuro-behavioral alterations in type 1 diabetes mellitus among adolescent

26th European Pediatrics Congress

October 22-23, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Khaled AlMenabbawy

National Research Centre, Egypt

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Abstract :

Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM), describes a group of chronic metabolic disorders characterized by increased blood glucose concentration, There is increased prevalence of Type 1 DM in children and adolescents with its adverse complications especially microvascular ones (retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy) that might cause multiple organ damage. Aim of the study: is to examine the relation between DM and neuro-behavioral affection. Subjects and Methods: This study is a Case-Control Study. Sixty Children with type I DM, aged 8-18 years old of both sexes were enrolled in this study; we divided them randomly into 2 groups. All children were subjected to full history taking, physical, neurological and systemic examination. IQ and behavioral assessment were done in the same sitting of history taking. Neurophysiological studies (EEG) was done for only 47 patients. Results: There was affection of motor power in both upper limbs as well as lower limbs, also we found that there was affection of the superficial peripheral sensation affecting both upper and lower limbs. EEG study revealed that positive EEG findings in those cases with only 10% showed clinically epileptic fits. Behavioral assessment showed alteration in school progress, lack of concentration and there was regression in their IQ. Conclusion: Neurological and behavioral assessment of children with diabetes mellitus type I must be put into consideration as those children are able to have a poor school progress due their affection of their behavioral and neurological systems with their reflected on their intellectual functions and school progress.

Biography :

Mohamed Khaled ElMenabbawy is the Professor Of Pediatrics & Child health and Head of Child health Department. He is also working as Consultant of Pediatric Neurology. He is having memberships of ICNA and IBRO. Also he is WHO temporary Advisor of Nutrition 2005.

E-mail: [email protected]