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Neonatal Genital Prolapse: A Case Report

14th International Conference on Clinical Pediatrics

June 14-16, 2018 | Rome, Italy

Mohamed Ahmed Bahaa Eldin M M Hussein

Cairo University, Egypt

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Abstract :

Background: Neonatal genital prolapse is a rare condition occurring at birth or the first few days after birth. It is commonly associated with neurological abnormality. Objective & Methods: A full term, 3100 g female baby was born by elective C-section delivery to a 25 years old, gravid 2 mother. Her obstetric history was unremarkable except for the baby having mild hydrocephalus and meningocele (discovered by ultrasound during antenatal care). The baby had a red mass protruding from the vulva since birth. On examination, the meningocele was ruptured and was repaired under anesthesia. After careful examination of the uterovaginal prolapse, manual reduction using vaginal plug made of gauze soaked with Betadine was done. Expulsion of the gauze was prevented using adhesive plaster tape at the labia. Vaginal packing was done at regular intervals. Follow-up at 6 months has revealed no further episodes of recurrence. Further follow-up visits have been scheduled. Conclusion: Neonatal genital prolapse in absence of neurological defects is rare. Once the diagnosis has been made conservative manual reduction is an adequate treatment with good results

Biography :

M Hussein has completed his MD from Cairo University, Kasralainy and doing his Postdoctoral studies currently from Cairo University School of Medicine. He is Lecturer and Consultant at Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Cairo university Hospital. He has published six papers in reputed international journals and has participated in oral presentations in 10 international conferences.