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Knowledge regarding child abuse among parents

23rd Annual Congress on Pediatrics & Neonatology

November 05-06, 2018 Bangkok, Thailand

Kamala Thapa

Marie Stopes International, Nepal

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Abstract :

Introduction: The objective of this study was to find out the knowledge regarding child abuse among parents. 50 samples were collected through non-probability, purposive sampling technique. Method: The descriptive design was carried out to find out the knowledge on child abuse among the parents of Sanothimi area ward no. 2 Bhaktapur. The study was conducted among parents who have at least one child and age group of 30 residing in Sanothimi, ward no 2 Bhaktapur. Semi structure questionnaire was used to collect the data. The questionnaire was pre-tested among 5 parents prior to the study who were later not the part of the actual study. After clearly explaining the participants about the purpose of the study, ensuring the confidentiality and obtaining the informed consent, interview method was used to collect the data. Result: The finding revealed that majority 54% of respondent were female and 24% respondent were male had knowledge on child abuse. Among 50 respondents, majority 16% respondent had adequate knowledge where 52% respondent had inadequate knowledge. Conclusion: The overall findings show that the existing knowledge of respondents is relatively high in response to child abuse, but reinforcement is needed for child abuse. It is essential to provide more education regarding child abuse.

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