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Integrated neonatal support on placental circulation with resuscitation (iNSPiRe): A feasibility study

6th World Pediatric Congress

August 18-19, 2016 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sumesh Thomas, L Irvine N P, A Abou Mehrem, D Kowal, A Soraisham, S Cooper, A Stritzke, P Murthy and N Singhal

University of Calgary, Canada

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Abstract :

Background: Compromised neonates do not receive placental transfusion (PT) as they are deemed to require resuscitation. Animal studies suggest possible benefit of resuscitation during PT. Objective: To study the feasibility of initiating resuscitative care during PT for 90s in preterm infants. Design/Methods: We designed a mobile, battery-powered resuscitation platform (iNSPiRe) that contains a scale, warm gel mattress, oxygen and air tanks, blender, T-piece resuscitator, pulse oximeter (PO) and electrical suction device. Resuscitative care included positioning neonate supine, opening the airway, suctioning, drying, and stimulation. Thermoregulation was maintained using a hat, warmed blankets and gel mattress. Respiratory support was initiated at 30s following Neonatal Resuscitation Program guidelines. Preductal oxygen saturation was continuously monitored. Heart rate was documented via auscultation at 30, 60 and 90s. The cord was clamped at 90s. The baby and platform were mobilized from motherâ�?�?s bedside to a radiant warmer in the same room by one provider, while another provider maintained respiratory support. Axillary temperature (AT) was obtained after the baby is transferred to the radiant warmer. Resuscitation interventions and management during first 24 hours were documented. Results: Six infants born vaginally, median (range) gestational age was 31 weeks (30-36) and birth weight 1655g (1380-2650), were managed using iNSPiRe during PT. 4 received continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) on iNSPiRE. None received positive pressure ventilation, had hypotension, pneumothorax, or received surfactant. Conclusions: It is feasible to commence resuscitative care during PT in infantsâ�?¥30 weeksâ�?�? gestation for 90s. Further research is needed to assess the feasibility in smaller and sicker preterm infants.

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