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Incredible India: A case study in strategic destination branding

International Conference on Hotel and Business Management

September 14-15, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Swati Sharma

Scientific Session: J Hotel Bus Manage

Abstract :

n today?s competitive tourism market place scenario all the destinations from resorts to countries are focusing on branding as a tool to differentiate and to enhance their unique selling point for their product. This paper briefly discusses the role of branding in destination marketing and evaluates whether destinations can indeed be branded as other goods and services. The intent of this research is to identify the effectiveness of ?Incredible India Campaign? on international tourists visiting India. This paper focuses on the various steps in the journey of positioning & repositioning India as a Brand. It also analyses the core competencies required to provide a base for building Brand India. The Research methodology includes sampling with questionnaire as an instrument (pilot test also conducted), then 20 items relating to destination image were selected and respondents were asked to rate India after the Incredible India Campaign on 5- point Likert?s scale, further reliability was assessed by cronbach?s alpha value The data was processed with the statistical package SPSS.

Biography :

Swati Sharma is a NET qualified in tourism Management. She has total of 07 years of experience in the industry and academics. Presently she is working as an Asst Professor and the Programme Leader with the Amity University. She has many National publications to her credit.