Immune system dysfunctions, the cause of incurable diseases | 43809
Journal of Probiotics & Health

Journal of Probiotics & Health
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Immune system dysfunctions, the cause of incurable diseases

7th Annual congress on Probiotics, Nutrition and Microbes

July 18-19, 2018 Prague, Czech Republic

Asa Saligupta

Probiotic and Herbal Co. Ltd., Thailand

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Abstract :

You may be surprised to know that immune system dysfunctionality links too many symptoms and can be said that it covers all of the incurable diseases such as: Low level of immunity within the body is susceptible to cancer, liver disease, tuberculosis, AIDs of HIV and infections from bacteria and germ, etc.; if the immune system is too sensitive, it could lead to allergy, asthma, urticaria and sinusitis; if the body�??s immune system does not work right, it could lead to rheumatism, SLE, psoriasis, diabetes with itchiness and digestive system inflammation. So, it�??s hard to believe that our own immune system, if not working correctly, could cause so many damages to our body. Our research found that the lack of balance in our body, especially amongst modern people, came from addiction of chemical medicines. Once digested, it destroys all the bacteria in the microbiota group leaving the body unbalanced, without helper, without coordinator. The white blood cell acts abnormally hence, the illness to the body. Today, you can choose your healing method by using microbes to help maintain balance to your body and contain bacteria so that microbiota returns to work. The body will be balanced again and the immune system back to normalcy.

Biography :

Asa Saligupta is working as a Inter Trading Manager of Probiotic and Herbal Co. Ltd. He studied high school in England, completed his Bachelor degree in Bangkok and got his Master degree from Missouri, USA. He was the Past President of Rotary club, committee of Tourism Association, committee of Thai Print Association, etc. He worked at the Kansas City Enquirer, NEXT Advertising Agency, owner of car dealership, owner of hotel, owner of restaurant, co-partner of travel agency, lecturer at Rajabhat University & Chulalongkorn University, etc.