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Helal technique for simplified single incision laparoscopic pediatric inguinal hernia repair

7th European Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

September 14-16, 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ahmed Abd Elgaffar Helal

MGM Medical College, India

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Abstract :

Background: The desire to reduce number of incisions and postoperative pain while achieving better cosmoses has recently led to the introduction of single incision laparoscopic hernia repair (SILHR). Intracorporeal knotting, remain a major challenging tasks for pediatric surgeons during SILHR. We introduce a simplified technique for pediatric SILHR with intracorporeal knotting. Patients & Methods: This prospective study was conducted at Al-Azhar University Hospitals, between Feb 2014 and Aug 2016. One hundred children with hernia defects were subjected to SILHR. Extraperitoneal saline was injected around internal inguinal ring [IIR] in males. The opened IIR was closed by percutaneous insertion of purse string suture using epidural needle gauge-18 with intracorporeal knotting. The main outcome measurements include: Operative time, feasibility of the procedure, complications and cosmesis. Results: Ages ranged between 6 months and 7 years (mean2�?±24.2 years). They were 81 males and 19 females. Thirty four patients presented with right sided inguinal hernia, 46 patients with left sided hernia, and 20 patients with bilateral hernia. The mean operative time was 8�?±2.2 minutes for unilateral hernia repair and 16�?±4.3 for bilateral cases. On follow-up, there was only 1 case of recurrence and 1 cases of hydrocele and the scar is nearly invisible. Conclusion: Our technique is very simple to achieve secure closure of IIR and reduce operative time with excellent cosmetic results. It avoids the drawbacks of extracorporeal knotting.

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