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FOS-Full of stool: The ED perspective on the ins and outs of pediatric constipation

4th International Conference on Pediatrics & Pediatric Emergency Medicine

March 29-31, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mohamed Eltorki

McMaster University, Canada

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Abstract :

The majority of patients seen with abdominal pain in the emergency department get diagnosed with constipation. Yet there is an unclear clinical and therapeutic relationship between abdominal pain and constipation. ROME III criteria are the most widely used and validated clinical criteria to diagnose the functional gastrointestinal disorders including functional constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. The utility of those criteria when used in the emergency department to appropriately classify children is unknown. Our recent prospective study of 512 patients helped illucidate the importance and association of accurate classification to outcome. The author will address the clinical outcomes and response to therapy of children with functional constipation and/or irritable bowel syndrome.

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