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Familiar functionality with adolescent children with lymphoma no Hodgkin of the Hermanos Cruz Policlinic in Pinar del Rio

International Conference and Exhibition on Pediatric Oncology and Clinical Pediatrics

August 11-13, 2016 Toronto, Canada

Yanet Corvea Trujillo

Havana University, Cuba

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Abstract :

In the vital cycle of the family, one of the most stressed events, constituted the diagnoses of an oncology disease of a child, since it produces a significant socio-emotional impact in the entire family. This exploratory-descriptive investigation uses the qualitative method of multiple cases study and it has general objective to evaluate the function of the family with adolescent children with lymphoma no Hodgkin of the Hermanos Cruz policlinic in Pinar del R�?­o. To fulfill the objective some techniques were used: Semi-structured interview, familiar of satisfaction scale, life�?´s contour and familiar working test. The participating observation was present during the whole process of the investigation. Among the principal results were found that the structure of the studied families was characterized by the presence of parental roles and psycho-emotional dysfunctional, hierarchy and rigid limits, the presence of emotional unique leadership, over protectors and permissive. The familiar dynamic presented a dysfunctional quality characterized by the presence of harmful familiar relationship, like mixed, attachment relationship; the presence of an emotional system with a predominance of negative emotions like; fear, anxiety and uncertainty, the presence of unidirectional communicative styles, besides a low adaptability forward the presence of a child with an oncology disease in the familiar system. The presence of dysfunctional elements, in the subjacent structure of these families favored the dysfunction of its dynamic and in its functionality in general.

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