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Examining burnout and job satisfaction of nurses working in pediatric units

5th International Conference on Pediatric Nursing & Healthcare

July 11-12, 2016 Cologne, Germany

Tugce Torun

Hacettepe University, Turkey

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Abstract :

This study was conducted to determine the levels of burnout and job satisfaction of pediatric nurses and the relationship between them. The study sample comprised of 235 nurses who were working at least 6 months in Childrenâ�?�?s Hospital of Hacettepe University, and Sami Ulus Maternity and Children Hospital. The data were collected by sociodemographic data form, Maslach Burnout Inventory, and Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. Independent-samples t test, One-Way Analysis of Variance and the Pearson Correlation test was used. Most of the nurses were female, married, bachelor and with no children. The mean scores in the burnout inventory are 20.0�?±6.89 for the subscale emotional burnout, 19.7�?±4.43 for the subscale personal accomplishment, and 5.7�?±3.38 for the subscale depersonalization and the mean scores of the general satisfaction for the job satisfaction questionnaire is 2.6�?±0.62. There was a significant relationship between each subscales of burnout and job satisfaction (p<0.05). The levels of depersonalization in the nurses who were not married and had no children were significantly high, the scores of extrinsic satisfaction of the women were significantly lower (p<0.05). The levels of burnout and job satisfaction did not change according to the education level of the nurses (p<0.05), but it was changed significantly according to their duties in the hospital, the ability of using their autonomy and the facts of using regular leaves per week (p<0.05. It is important to investigate the levels of burnout and job satisfaction of the nurses and the factors which affect them regularly and the working conditions should be improved.

Biography :

Tugce Torun is a Research Assistant in Pediatric Nursing Department at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. She worked in Kreiskrankenhaus Lörrach State Hospital-Germany between 2011- 2012. She completed her Master Thesis : Examining Burnout and Job Satisfaction of Nurses Working in Pediatric Units. She continues the PhD Program at the Hacettepe University.