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Effects of Anemia on Physical, Mental and Neuromotor Development of Pre-School Children (5-6 Years Old)

5th International Conference on Pediatric Nursing & Healthcare

July 11-12, 2016 Cologne, Germany

Selen Ozakar Akca and Omer Bostanci

Hitit University Health School, Turkey

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Abstract :

Anemia is defined as a reduction of red cell mass in hematocrit or milliliter in blood hemoglobin concentration and thus results in a reduction of oxygen carrying capacity and the amount of oxygen that reach the tissues. Anemia is a disease affecting many hematological and non-hematologic systems. Therefore it leads to biochemical changes in cellular functions and has effects on growth, psychomotor and mental development, behavior, immune-gastrointestinal system, physical capacity and thermoregulation. According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO) anemia is a prevalent health problem that leads to increased morbidity and mortality of especially pre-school children. Anemia is recognized as a major health problem due to the negative effects on the mental and physical development during childhood. With this study it was aimed to determine the anemia status of children visiting the kindergarten affiliated to �?�?orum Directorate of Education with non-invasive method and to investigate the effects of anemia on physical, mental and neuromotor development of children. While the status of anemia has been evaluated by using a non-invasive measurement device the data of the study has been collected by filling out Questionnaires, Evaluation forms of children��?s physical development and Denver Developmental Screening Test II. According to the results obtained from the study it is seen that anemia and malnutrition could have a negative impact on children��?s neuromotor development.

Biography :

Selen Ozakar Akca was born in Samsun, Turkey in 1980. She received her PhD degree from Istanbul University Institute of Health Science with the thesis entitled “Risk-Taking Behaviours of Adolescents and The Effect of Nursing Practice on Substance Abuse in Accordance With Model of Change in Adolescents” in 2013. She has been working in Hitit University Health School since 2008. She is married and has a son.