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Effectiveness of hands on training on knowledge and practice regarding neonatal resuscitation program

11th World Pediatric Congress


Manmeet Kaur

Chitkara University, India

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Abstract :

Pregnancy is a time period from conception to a birth in which the egg is implanted in the uterus which develops into placenta and embryo and later into fetus. The life of fetus and physiological changes depends upon the transition from intrauterine life to extra uterine life which occurs after the birth. Placenta plays an important role in between the mother and fetus and enables respiratory gas exchange, transports nutrients, eliminates fetal waste products, and secretes peptide and steroid hormones. Amniotic fluid surrounds the unborn baby in womb and acts as a cushion to protect fetus from injury and push fluid out of lungs. After birth the fluid isn�??t completely expelled out from the lungs due to which lungs unable work properly further leading to lack of oxygen in new-born. Due to inability to combat with vascular resistance and maintained respiratory exchange new-born resuscitation is required. About 10% of new-born requires resuscitation at birth to breath and less than 1% will require extensive resuscitation. Since, the health care providers play an important role in implementing the steps of neonatal resuscitation among the babies in a serious need to be resuscitated, the aim of the study is to assess the effectiveness of hands on training on the knowledge and practice regarding neonatal resuscitation program among the Health care providers in the selected institute rendering Bachelor�??s educational facilities. The major objectives of the pre-experimental study was to assess the level of knowledge ,mean pre-test and post-test knowledge and practice scores before and after hands on training and to find out the association of selected demographic variables with knowledge and practice scores on Neonatal resuscitation program among the health care providers. The study findings revealed that the mean post-test knowledge and practice scores were relatively higher than the mean pre-test knowledge and practice scores. Thus, the hands on training session of knowledge and practice on Neonatal resuscitation program was proved to be effective in improving overall knowledge and practice among the Health care providers.

Biography :

Manmeet Kaur is currently working as an Assistant Professor (Pediatrics) in Chitkara School of Health Sciences, Chitkara University, Punjab, India. She is currently perusing her PhD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) in Health Sciences from the same organization. She has published in total 6 research articles in international journals. Also, she presented her 2 posters in 10th World Pediatric Congress 2017 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and 1 poster nationally. Her title registration form has been selected by the Campbell Collaborations, Norway and the project entitles “Interpersonal psychotherapy for reducing symptom severity in post-partum depression: A systematic review which will be completed along with the expert team.