Effect of Bacillus subtilis spore (Gallipro) nutrients equivalency value on broiler chicken performance
Journal of Probiotics & Health

Journal of Probiotics & Health
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Effect of Bacillus subtilis spore (Gallipro) nutrients equivalency value on broiler chicken performance

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Probiotics, Functional & Baby Foods

September 23-25, 2014 Hotel Royal Continental, Naples, Italy

Mojtaba Zaghari, Nahid Zahroojian, Mohammad Riahi and Sudabeh Parhizkar

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Prob Health

Abstract :

The experiment was conducted to evaluate the nutrients equivalency value of Bacillus subtilis spore (Gallipro) for broiler chicken and its potential for decreasing feed nutrients concentration and cost. A total of 720 day old Ross 308 broiler chicks were allocated in 6 treatments (2 sexes?3 diets) with 6 replication for 7 wk. Dietary treatments; Main treatment (MT) was routine broiler diet added by 0.2 g/kg Gallipro (Bacillus Subtilis 4?109 CFU/g DSM 17299) and using nutrients equivalency of Gallipro for feed formulation, Negative control (NC) diet was the same as main treatment without Gallipro and Positive control (PC) diet was the same as MT diet in nutrients content but without Gallipro. Body weight and feed consumption were measured weekly. Carcass characteristics were measured at the end of experiment. Effect of dietary treatments on body weight was not significant. However, numerically the average body weight of male and female chicks received negative control diet was 2% (68 g) lower than PC and MT groups. Dietary treatments had no significant effect on average daily feed intake. Feed conversion ratio of chicks received PC and MT diets was 2.7% better than NC chicks (P<0.01). Male chicks was superior to female in all measured traits (P<0.01). Effect of treatments on carcass characteristics was not significant. There was no interaction between factors on measured parameters. Performance of chicks received diet contained Gallipro compared with positive control showed that Gallipro liberate 0.4% crude protein from MT diet and consequently decreased the broiler feeding cost.

Biography :

Mojtaba Zaghari has completed his PhD at the age of 38 years from University of Tehran. He is the Associate Professor of Poultry Nutrition at University of Tehran. He has published more than 70 papers in scientific journals and 100 papers presented in international conferences, also has been serving as an editorial board member of Journal of Livestock Science and Technologies.