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Does meningitis accompany urinary tract infections in infants? Evaluation of lumbar puncture results in babies less than 3-month-old with urinary tract infection- single center experince

35th European Pediatrics Congress

May 17-18, 2023 | Webinar

Kubra Gokce Tezel

Marmara University Hospital, Turkey

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Abstract :

Introduction: It is thought that urinary tract infection may be complicated with meningitis in young infants due to the immaturity of the immune system and blood-brain barrier. Therefore, the traditional approach is to investigate whether meningitis accompanies when a urinary tract infection is detected in a newborn, although it varies between centers. In recent studies, it has been emphasized that the rate of urinary tract infection complicated with meningitis is low in young infants. In our study, it was aimed to determine the complication rate of meningitis in infants younger than three months diagnosed with urinary system infection in our hospital and to examine the necessity of lumbar puncture in this patient group. Materials and Method: Babies younger than three months old who were diagnosed with urinary system infection at Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital between January 2018 and January 2020 were included in the study. Significant growth in urine culture was defined as urinary system infection, growth in CSF culture and low CSF glucose, high protein, and pleocytosis were defined as meningitis. Results: Between January 2018 and January 2020, 182 infants younger than 3 months were diagnosed with urinary tract infections in our hospital. CSF samples were taken from 27 (15%) of these babies and it was determined that there was no growth in any of them. Discussion and Conclusion: In our study, it was observed that there was no growth in CSF samples of 27 infants under three months of age with proven urinary tract infection. Although it seems that there is no need for lumbar puncture or CSF examination, which is an invasive procedure, in infants younger than three months with urinary system infection, this result we have reached needs to be evaluated with a larger sample

Biography :

Kübra GÖKÇE TEZEL , She is a pediatrics attending- currently living in ─░stanbul and working in Marmara University Hospital. she wants to become a neonatologist, this is why she is very interested in clinical approaches for infections during newborn and young infantile period of time. With this study, she believe we were able to show that rate of meningitis during urinary tract infections in young infants is very low and routine lumbure punctures procudures must be reconsidered in order to protect babies from unnecessary invasive interventions.