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Does fever increase or decrease blood circulation?

7th International Conference on Pediatric Nutrition

November 24, 2022 | Webinar


Marma Health centre, India

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Abstract :

This is the first time many people have heard such a question.When it comes to treating back pain, neck pain, and knee pain, it is often heard that the cause of the pain is reduced blood flow. A variety of heat-inducing devices are used to increase blood flow to the lower back, neck, and knee pains. Physiotherapy often provides more heat than fever. To this day, no one has heard that fever is caused by poor blood flow. As the disease progresses, blood flow decreases. Body tingling, body aches, and narrowing of the blood vessels under the skin are the signs, symptoms, and signals of decreased blood flow. Signs, symptoms, and signals of decreased blood flow show before the onset of fever. When the disease becomes a threat to life or organs blood circulation decreases, Temperature of fever will emerge to increase prevailing blood circulation. It is a well-known fact that as the disease progresses, blood flow decreases and this can lead to death. When there is a decrease in blood flow and its signs, symptoms, and signals, the immune system do actions to increase blood flow to save lives. It has been proven around the world that all types of heat increase blood flow. The heat of the fever increases the blood flow. Fever increases blood flow, which means more lymphocytes flow through lymphoid tissues. If the heat of the fever increases the blood flow, reducing the heat reduces the blood flow. It will increase inflammation and infection and finally, death will occur. According to physics, it is foolish that when fever temperature is reduced, shows the symptoms, signs, and signals of reduced blood flow, are ignored and then treated to reduce the heat again. The fever is heat energy. To date, modern science has not studied what actions were carried out heat on fever. The cause of all complications, including death, is the treatment of fever without knowing why it is hot. What kind of treatment should be given if you have symptoms of decreased blood flow?Treatment should be to increase blood flow.This is the basic principle of physics.Is there any benefit in reducing body heat during fever?There is no merit of any kind. Not only is it of no benefit, but it also causes death by inflammation and infection.The actual treatment for fever is to increase blood circulation. Two ways to increase blood circulation. 1. Never allow body temperature to lose 2. Apply heat from outside to the body. When the temperature produced by the body due to fever and heat which we applied to the body combines together, the blood circulation increases.Heat-reducing fever treatment with water and paracetamol should be banned as soon as possible.

Biography :

A practicing physician in the field of healthcare in the state of Kerala in India for the last 33years and very much interested in basic research. My interest is spread across the fever, inflammation and back pain. I am a writer. I already printed and published nine books on these subjects. I wrote hundreds of articles in various magazines. After scientific studies, we have developed 8000 affirmative cross checking questions. It can explain all queries related to fever.