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A study to assess the effectiveness of an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) package on compliance to Glaucoma medication among the caregivers of children attending glaucoma clinic, AIIMS, New Delhi

27th International Conference on Pediatrics, Neonatology and Pediatric Nursing

September 24-25, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Tallanao Thuileiphy

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

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Abstract :

Introduction & Aim: Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. It is preventable if timely effective and successful treatment is provided. Quality teaching, support and guidance are needed to ensure the compliance to glaucoma medication. The present study was aiming to develop IEC package on compliance to glaucoma medication and to assess its effectiveness in increasing knowledge and practice of caregivers of children glaucoma. Methods: Quantitative research design �?? pre-experimental one group pretest posttest was used. Ethical approval was obtained from institute ethical committee. 60 caregivers of children attending glaucoma clinic in tertiary care hospital were included in the study. Knowledge questionnaire, practice questionnaire observational checklist and medication log sheet are used for pretest and one month after the administration of IEC package (posttest) were self-developed, validated and found reliable. One to one teaching, demonstration and return demonstration was provided. Result: Majority of the caregivers were females; the mean posttest knowledge score was increased from 7.3±2.19 to 12.23±1.36 which was significant at p<0.05. There was significant (p<0.05) increase in posttest practice score from 11.5±1.91 to 18.08±1.12. The pretest and posttest knowledge scores had significant association with educational status and family monthly income (p<0.05). The pretest and posttest practice score had significant association with gender and relationship to child (p<0.05). Increase in the knowledge and practice was dependent of caregivers selected variables such as educational status, family monthly income, gender and relationship to child. Conclusion: The study revealed that an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) package played a crucial role in increasing knowledge and practice regarding compliance to glaucoma medication among caregivers of children with glaucoma one month after the intervention. The most and effective factor identified in the study is the teaching session which takes only 15 minutes in teaching and demonstrating the content in the information pamphlet.

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