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A study of causes of perinatal mortality in tertiary center in bundelkhand region

2nd International Conference on Pediatrics & Gynecology

September 24-26, 2012 Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India

S. Sharma and Kalpana Tomar

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Abstract :

Objective: To evaluate the causes of perinatal death in tertiary center of Bundelkhand region in MLB Medical College, Jhansi. Methods: It is retrospective study done over a period of last two years from July 2010 to June 2012, total 5122 deliveries took place during this duration out of which 370 perinatal death occur, hence perinatal mortality rate was 76.68 per 1000 live birth and causes of perinatal death was identified and analysed. Result: Out of 76.68% PNMR more than 43% perinatal death occur due to preterm low birth weight, 6% due to congenital deformities, More than 29% of perinatal death due to maternal factors antepartum haemorrhage, eclampsia, obstructed labour, twin pregnancies. Conclusions: Identify the high risk factors before pregnancy during gestation and intranatally for appropriate care. There should also be increased awareness among paediatrics and obstetrics about the co-ordinated approach to bring down perinatal mortality.