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A rare case of ruptured mucinous cystadenoma causing pseudomyxoma peritonei

2nd International Conference on Pediatrics & Gynecology

September 24-26, 2012 Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India

Bhanu Gorli

Posters: J Pediatr Therapeut

Abstract :

Case report: A 45 year old P4L3 came to our Hospital with complaints of lower abdomen pain since one year which was dull aching. She had regular menses, her LMP was 20 days back before she reported to hospital. Her Bladder and Bowel habits were normal. Appetite decreased and had loss of weight since one year. On examination her BMI was 29. Vitals were stable.. On examination there was uniform distension of the abdomen, no guarding, Mass of 5X3 cm present in the hypogastrium, freely mobile, firm in consistency, shifting dullness was present. On bimanual examination, uterus was normal size deviated to right side, mass of 5X5 cm felt in the left fornix. Patient was investigated and underwent exploratory laparatomy. There was a collection of mucinous material of about 2.5 kgs spreading in whole of the abdominal cavity covering liver, spleen, bowel, both kidneys, under surface of diaphragm. Left ovary was cystic measuring 15X10 cm with a rent of 5X5cm. Hard mass felt within the ovary measuring 3x3cm, uterus was 8 weeks size. Maximum possible material removed, bowel wash given. Patient discharged on 10th pod without any complications. Discussion: MUCINOUS TUMOURS account to 20% of the all the ovarian tumours. Pseudomyxoma peritonei is a rare complication of an active cyst which ruptures and spills into the peritoneal cavity. Here the epithelial cells of tumour invade omentum, spread as thin film secreting semisolid mucin into the abdominal cavity, causing distension and pain. Though the mucinous material is removed it tends to refill again.

Biography :

Bhanu completed her MBBS from DR NTR University of health sciences doing her post graduation in MS (OBG) from NTR University of Health Sciences. She has presented posters and papers in state and national conferences.