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A novel minimal invasive ablation of pediatric osteosarcoma with nanosecond pulsed electric field (ns- PEF) as a palliative therapy

International Conference and Exhibition on Pediatric Oncology and Clinical Pediatrics

August 11-13, 2016 Toronto, Canada

Xudong Miao, Qinwen Tai, Haitao Li, Ruiqing Zhang, Yi Zhang and Xinhua Chen

Zhejiang University, China
Xinjiang Medical University, China
The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, China

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Abstract :

Our previous studies suggest that nanosecond pulsed electric field (ns-PEF) is a novel minimal invasive and non-thermal ablation method that can induce apoptosis in osteosarcoma MG-63 cells in vitro. The current study investigates the local and systemic antitumor efficacy of ns-PEF on osteosarcoma in vivo with micro metastasis. Osteosarcomas were treated by ns-PEF with puncture electrode at 40Kv/cm electric field strength of 500 pulses. The survival time, tumor volume, serum alkaline phosphatase, joint capsule and lung metastasis were followed up to 6 months post ns-PEF treatment. The efficacy was compared with no-treatment control and amputation surgery. Ns-PEF reduced tumor volume compared to the control group (P<0.05), it also inhibit serum alkaline phosphatase and lung metastasis, prolonged the survival time without joint deformity or capsule rupture. Ns-PEF cannot eradicate the tumor as amputation surgery (P<0.05), but the complication and hospitalization time were lower. Local ns-PEF ablation was found to be effective in achieving longer survival and less lung metastasis without chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological therapy. As a non-thermal ablation method, ns-PEF has potential to treat osteo-sarcoma as a palliative therapy for osteo-sarcoma patients who constricted for surgery.

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