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Stephen Grossberg

Stephen Grossberg
Boston University, USA


Stephen Grossberg is Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems and Professor of Mathematics, Psychology, and Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, where he is director of the Center for Adaptive Systems, founding chairman of the Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, and founding director of the NSF Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology (CELEST). He is a major pioneer and current leader of biological and artificial neural network research. In the 1960s, he introduced the paradigm and key differential equations that underlie neural network research today; see His work focuses upon design principles and mechanisms that enable the behavior of individuals, or machines, to adapt autonomously in real-time to unexpected environmental challenges.

Research Interest

Vision and image processing
Object and event recognition
Audition, speech and language development
Cognitive information processing
Reinforcement learning and motivation
Cognitive-emotional interactions
Navigation; sensory-motor control and robotics
Mental disorders; nonlinear network dynamics
Neuromorphic technology