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Shuwen Liu

Shuwen Liu

Shuwen Liu
Professor, Head, Lab of Immunopharmacology and Biochemical Pharmacology, Dean, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Southern Medical University, China


Dr. Shuwen Liu, male, was born in 1972 in Jiangxi, China. Dr. Liu is a professor of pharmacology and the dean of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Southern Medical University. Dr. Liu is also named as “Pearl River scholar” Professor of Guangdong Province, and the director of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Drug Screening. Dr. Liu got his doctoral degree in pharmacology in 2002 from the First Military Medical University. Dr. Liu served as postdoctoral researcher and then assistant member in New York Blood Center from 2002 to 2005. Dr. Liu is the director of Chinese Pharmacological Society, and the vice chairman of Division of Anti-inflammatory and Immunopharmacology, Chinese Pharmacological Society.

Research Interest

Mechanism of virus entry and identification of virus entry inhibitors targeting virus envelope proteins.

Development of microbicides for preventing sexual transmission of HIV.

Immunopharmacology of anti-viral drugs and anti-inflammation drugs.

High-throughput screening methods based on new fluorescent compounds.