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Murali Gadde

Murali Gadde

Murali Gadde
Associate Veterinarian, San Francisco SPCA
SFO, CA, California, United States


Murali Gadde ia an Associate Veterinarian San Francisco SPCA, California. He has a License to practice veterinary medicine in California and USDA Category 2 Accredited. He has a work experience as an Emergency Veterinarian in Neel Vet Hospital, Oklahoma City, US, Graduate Research Assistant in Marshall University, Huntington, WV and Associate Veterinarian at Pet N Vet , Vijayawada, AP, India.

Research Interest

Murali Gadde  research interest includes treatment of small animal, practicing veterinary medicine with strong focus on ultrasound, orthopedics, musculo-skeletal disorders and preventive care medicine for low income demographics of different ethnic groups.

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