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Mingruo Guo

Mingruo Guo

Mingruo Guo
Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences
The University of Vermont, USA


Mingruo Guo, a food chemist and a full professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Vermont (UVM), USA, received his B.S. and M.S. from the Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU), Harbin, China. He was awarded his Ph.D. degree from the National University of Ireland in 1990. He retuned to China in the same year and became a faculty member at NEAU and later promoted to the ranks of associate and full professor. In 1993, Dr. Guo and his family moved to the US. and joined the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at UVM. He was recruited as associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at UVM in 1999 and promoted to full professor in 2007. He teaches Functional Foods: Principles and Technology at UVM. Dr. Guo`s scholarly interests include the utilization of whey in creating environmentally safe products; functional foods development, pre- and probiotics; component interactions in infant formula and nutritional products; biochemistry and technology of fermented dairy products; Ultrasound treatment of milk and apple cider; functional properties of milk proteins; goat’s milk chemistry and processing technology; egg chemistry and processing; buffalo milk chemistry and processing. He published the first textbook on functional foods in the US in 2007. He has published more than 150 research articles, book chapters and conference proceedings. His inventions in food science and environmentally safe products awarded him three patents.

Research Interest

Whey protein based natural nano materials
Functional foods design and development
Whey protein based microcapsulation of probiotics
Whey utilization and environmentally safe products
Pre- and probiotics
Milk-, soy, and oats-based functional foods
Component interactions in infant formula & nutritional products
Chemistry and technology of cheese and fermented dairy products
Alternative treatments of milk and apple cider
Functional and nutritional properties of milk proteins
Goat′s milk chemistry and processing technology
Egg chemistry and processing
Buffalo and yak milk chemistry and processing