Journal of Probiotics & Health

Journal of Probiotics & Health
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Dr.Kayode Adu

Dr.Kayode Adu

Dr.Kayode Adu
Probiotic Specialist and Consultant, Merieux NutriSciences


Creative and analytical Food Safety and Probiotic Scientist with 5+ years’ experience in academics and industry with a PhD in Probiotic Research from a leading Food Safety and Innovation Centre, Tasmania Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania, Australia, with improved protocols developed and novel discoveries published in high-ranked journals plus extensive Microbiology analytical, Research and Consulting services rendered to key pharmaceutical, food and probiotic manufacturing companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia in compliance with Therapeutic Goods Administration requirements and strict Good Laboratory Practices.

Innovative Research Scientist with competitive experience in managing and coordinating pharmaceutical-, food- and probiotic-product analysis at commercial level in my role as the Research Scientist and Probiotic Specialist – Scientific Services Centre, Merieux Nutrisciences Australia, Melbourne, managing difficult projects related to product shelf-life, microbial analysis, method validation, method verification, stability investigation, challenge studies and other bespoke projects.

Research Interest

Omics - proteomics and genomics | Bioremediation | Bio-nanotechnology | Probiotics| Food shelf-life extension | Industrial/Environmental Microbiology | Food System, Quality and Safety