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Gianluca Esposito

Gianluca Esposito
Assistant Professor, Riken Brain Science Institute


Developmental Psychologist qualified to advance the ongoing investigations on child development contributing strengths in data-analysis techniques, statistical methods, hypothesis design and development with the aim of studying typical and atypical development. His specific focus is on the contribution of communicative and motor systems to the social development and their implication on psychopathology.
He has worked in the last years using observational and behavioral protocols in the context of child socio-cognitive development, always comparing typical and atypical development. He has gained proficient knowledge in social and cognitive development of children with special needs, in particular recognizing early indicators of autism specifically where concerning social development and expressions of distress evidenced in infants and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since 2010, he has joined the Riken Brain Science Institute (Japan), where he is working comparative neuro-behavioral analysis of infantile attachment behavior in mice and humans, and its implication to Autism.

Research Interest

Cognitive and affective development in infancy
Comparative neuro-behavioral analysis of infantile attachment behavior in mice and humans
ASD and Communication of Distress
ASD and Movement