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Dr. Gabriela Jude Fernandes

Dr. Gabriela Jude Fernandes

Dr. Gabriela Jude Fernandes
Department of Oral Biology
Buffalo, New York, USA


Dr Gabriela Fernandes received her dental training (BDS) from India and her Masters in Oral Sciences(Periodontics residency) along with her postdoctoral research training (in cell signaling and cell biology) from the United States. She has delivered several lectures in regeneration and biomaterials nationally and internationally. She is also the recipient of several research grants and dental awards in the field of hard and soft tissue regeneration and dental biomaterials. Her papers have been published in notable journals such as Stem cell research and therapy, Molecular Therapy, Bone research; with a 2 year IF = 9.32 (nature group of journals), Dental Materials and Journal of Periodontology. Her research is primary centered on developing novel biomaterials for bone and dental tissue regeneration. She possess experiences with regard to conducting human trials, in vivo and ex vivo (murine and rodent models), as well as in vitro testing (cell culture and organotypic models). Presently, she supervises, mentors and teaches pre-doctoral students and conducts research in the field of dental biomaterials, dental immunology, epidemiology, clinical trials and various other dental and medical fields. Furthermore, she works in private practice and provides periodontic consultations to several clinics across Mumbai, India. She conducts periodontology and implantology workshops as well as research courses (evidence based dentistry) and teaches preclinical prosthodontics in a private setting to pre-doctoral students as well as provides US dental national boards training to pre-doctoral students. She also conducts free dental and oral cancer screening and diagnostic camps for the underprivileged population across Mumbai.

Research Interest

Periodontology, Oral Implantology, Oral biology, Dental materials and Immunology


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