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David Richard Hampson

David Richard Hampson
Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


David R. Hampson, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Director of the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Director, Canadian Institutes for Health Research sponsored Training Program in Biological Therapeutics at the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
He received a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada in 1984.
He completed a Masters of Science degree from Utah State University in Logan Utah in 1980.
He completed a Bachelors of Science degree from the State University of New York, Syracuse N.Y. in 1977.
He received the Rosenstadt Award for Research Collaborations, University of Toronto, and the Upjohn New Investigator Award and the Association of the Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada.

Research Interest

Structure, function and biological roles of G-protein coupled receptors in the central nervous system particularly the metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs)
Membrane channels and pumps in the context of fragile X syndrome