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Journal of Clinical Trials
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Zhuqing Yu

Department of Biometrics and Information Science, R&D China, AstraZeneca, Guangzhou, China

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    Investigating Synthetic Controls with Randomized Clinical Trial Data in Rheumatoid Arthritis Studies
    Author(s): Zailong Wang*, Zhuqing Yu, Su Chen and Lanju Zhang

    The cost of clinical research for new drug development has been increasing rapidly. An effective approach to reduce the cost of clinical trials is to use a synthetic control arm to substitute a concurrent control arm. Synthetic control arms are usually created with propensity-score-based methods from historical or external patient-level control data. Although there is much literature discussing how to create synthetic control arms, little is known about how synthetic control arms perform compared to concurrent control arms in real clinical trials. In this paper, we take a real randomized controlled clinical trial and create a synthetic control arm for it using propensity-score-based methods from the control data in other randomized clinical trials. The goal is to demonstrate validity of using synthetic control arms by comparing the performance of synthetic control.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-0870.21.11.466

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