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Tara Vassallo

Department of Psychology, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

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    Parent and Teacher Understandings of the Needs of Autistic Children and the Processes of Communication between the Home and School Contexts
    Author(s): Rebecca Mckenzie*, Tara Vassallo and Rudi Dallos

    Introduction: Autism is a spectrum condition with symptom presentation varying widely. Teachers and parents face challenges in supporting autistic children. There are similarities in how teachers and parents make sense of autism, but there may be differences in priorities and approach potentially leading to misunderstandings. Where parents are actively engaged in their child’s school life the impact on outcomes is positive. SAFE with Schools is a new intervention in development designed to support parents and teachers of autistic children to build collaborative relationships. The study aims to explore understandings among parents and teachers, areas of difference and agreement and perceptions of communication between the two contexts. Methods: Teacher–parent units (N=32) for 13 autistic children, were recruited. T.. Read More»

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