Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities

Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities
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Khue Vu Nguyen

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    Immunogenetics and Down Syndrome Effects
    Author(s): Khue Vu Nguyen*

    Genetic association of some immune-mediated human uveitic diseases with organic phenomenon antigens, ethnic origin, familial background, or gender have steered the presence a hereditary part in status. Experimental reaction uveoretinitis (EAU) will be induced in inbred rodents by immunisation with evolutionarily preserved retinal proteins, and mimics several options of human inflammation.statusto EAUis geneticallycontrolled, and therefore the model is being employed to review mechanisms which may have an effect on status to ocular disease. EAU expression in mice and in rats needs the presence of each a vulnerable MHC haplotype and a "permissive" genetic background. MHC management of status in H-2k mice was tentatively mapped to the I-A subregion (HLA-DR equivalent), implicating epitope recognition as a serious mechanism in status... View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2472-1115.20.6.145

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