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Deborah Ronco

Obstetrics and Gynecology of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

  • Case Report   
    Trauma to Nasal Passage and Development of Large Nasopharyngeal Pyogenic Granuloma
    Author(s): Megan M. Thomas*, Tahnie Danastor and Deborah Ronco

    Background: Trauma of the oral mucosa or nasal passages in pregnancy can lead to development of a pyogenic granuloma. Methods: 34 year old female had progressive dyspnea starting at 25 weeks gestation. Initial work up pointed to asthma and nasal polyps which were removed. Decompensating respiratory status led to respiratory failure and intubation. Additional imaging showed a nasopharyngeal mass and it was confirmed to be pyogenic granuloma. Growth and location of the mass led to placement of a tracheostomy and ultimately early delivery of her twins. Results: The mass underwent endoscopic resection three days after delivery with no complications and her respiratory status normalized. Conclusion: Trauma to the nasal passages in the setting of pregnancy can lead to a rapidly growing pyogenic.. View More»

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