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Aghababa, Yera

Professor, Department of Science, Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Iran

  • Short Communication   
    Short Communication on Algorithmic Game Theory
    Author(s): Aghababa, Yera

    Algorithmic theory of games is a district within the intersection of theory of games and engineering, with the target of understanding and style of algorithms in strategic environments. Typically, in algorithmic theory of games an issue, the input to a given rule is distributed among several players World Health Organization have a private interest within the output. In those things, the agents won't report the input honestly owing to their own personal interests. we will see algorithmic theory of games from 2 perspectives: • Analysis: examine the present enforced algorithms and analyze them victimization theory of games tools: calculate and prove properties on their author equilibria, value of disorder, best-response dynamics.. Read More»

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