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Von der Haar H

Von der Haar H
Institute of Technical Combustion (ITV),
Welfengarten 1A, 30167 Hanover

  • Research Article
    Failure Detection in an Annular Combustion Chamber with Experimental and Numerical Methods
    Author(s): Hennecke C, Von der Haar H and Dinkelacker FHennecke C, Von der Haar H and Dinkelacker F

    The inspection of aircraft engines is a complex and time-consuming process, usually requiring the disassembly of the engine or extensive baroscopic examinations. Thus, a method is to be developed in order to evaluate the state of the jet engine prior disassembling by analysing the state and structure of the exhaust jet. This could be done for instance with an analysis of the density, temperature, velocity or concentration distribution in a cross section through the exhaust jet. Assumptions are that failures inside the engine influence the exhaust jet in a measurable way and by means of numerical simulations it is possible to evaluate the flow and combustion process beginning in the engines’ interior through the exhaust gas jet. A generic study on a pilot scale annular combustion chamber is the basis to show the feasibility of this approach. The combustion chamber consists of eig.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000193

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