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Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is a fast-developing field of study with enormous promise in many industries, ranging from health care to building and electronics, to produce materials of remarkable diversity and novel characteristics at the Atomic and Molecular level. It promises to improve pharmaceutical delivery, gene therapy, diagnostics, and other fields of study. The 'Nano' prefix comes from the old Greek for 'dwarf.' In science, it signifies milliards of anything (10 to less than 9); therefore a nanometer (nm) is one milliard of a meter or 0,000000001 meters. One nanometer has a width of around 3 to 5 atoms or approximately 40,000 times that of human hair. A virus usually has a volume of 100 nm. The capacity to control Nanoscale structures and characteristics in medicine is like having a sub-microscopic workbench, on which a range of little tools, robots, and tubes can handle cell components, viruses, or parts of DNS. Therapies involving modification of individual genes or molecular pathways which impact their expression have been more and more examined as a possibility to cure illnesses. The capacity to customize treatment to the genetic composition of individual patients has been a much-desired objective in this discipline.

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