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Tam So Sum

Tam So Sum


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    Transformations of Cultural Heritage of Dragon Boat Racings in Hong Kong Context
    Author(s): Hung Chung Fun Steven and Tam So SumHung Chung Fun Steven and Tam So Sum

    Hong Kong dragon boat race as a cultural heritage has undergone a different manifestation and transformation. Through the study and development of Hong Kong dragon boat race is a fisherman formed by the sea, with the inland river in the freshwater area is different, but the agricultural dragon boat activities with the sea fishermen themselves is different for the sake of crops and rain; and Hong Kong’s dragon activities focus on god bless, reduce disaster and pray for maritime safety. So there is no activity in the worship of Qu Yuan, the Hong Kong fishermen but the main letter in the days of goddess. But fishermen society in the face of severe fisheries and capitalist society of the invasion of food, in many areas is difficult to maintain the dragon boat activities. But the modern technology and international competition have caused the dragon boat activities to lose the old cu.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0915.1000194

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