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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Syed A A Rizvi

Syed A A Rizvi

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University, 3200 South University Drive Fort Lauderdale, USA

Dr. Rizvi earned bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Master of Science degrees from the University of Karachi, with expertise in Organic and Natural Product Chemistry. After earning an M.Sc, Dr. Rizvi came to US to pursue an M.S and Ph.D combined degree program at the Center for Biotechnology and Drug Design, Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University (GSU), Atlanta, GA. While working at GSU, Dr. Rizvi was trained in the areas of Analytical Chemistry, Separation Sciences, Bioanalysis, Surfactant Chemistry, Chiral Separations of the Drugs, Trace Level Analysis (Forensic Chemistry) of Drugs in human body fluids (led to a US and International patent). Right after finishing M.S and Ph.D at the GSU, Dr. Rizvi pursued another Ph.D (under Prof. Martin J. D’Souza) at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mercer University (MU), Atlanta, GA in collaboration with Dr. Scott L Childs (founder and chief Scientific officer, Renovo Research, LLC). At Mercer, Dr. Rizvi was trained in the areas of Solid Dosage Formulations (direct compressed tablets), Controlled Release Formulations, Nanoparticulate System for Non-Invasive real time In Vivo Imaging, Cell-Lipid interaction Studies. At Renovo, Dr. Rizvi was trained in the area of Solid State Chemistry of the Drugs, e.g., Polymorphism and Cocrystallization . Dr. Rizvi also pursued postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. Fredric M. Menger (Charles Howard Candler Professor) at the Sanford S. Atwood Chemistry Center, Emory University, where he polished his skills in Organic Synthesis, Soft Material Chemistry, Surface and Interfacial Sciences, Gene Transfection Studies using Gemini Surfactants, State of the art, Langmuir-Adam Balance Studies. Moreover, Dr. Rizvi conducted research as a visiting scientist in the area of pharmaceutical ionic liquids, in the laboratory of Dr. Robin D. Rogers (Robert Ramsay Chair of Chemistry, Distinguished Research Professor and Director, Center for Green Manufacturing) at the Department of Chemistry, The University of Alabama. At the University of Alabama, Dr. Rizvi, Synthesized new salts and ionic liquids of the pharmaceutical compounds with improved solubility and permeability and with prophylactic counter-­ions for reduction in drug induced toxicity. Characterized the newly synthesized ionic liquid with NMR, IR, TGA, DSC, X-ray and Karl Fischer titration and In vivo studies (transdermal formulations) of various ionic liquids. Recently, Dr. Rizvi finished course of studies leading to Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with specialization in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management from Aspen University and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Johnson Graduate School of Management, eCornell Professional Development Programs, Cornell University. Dr. Rizvi has Published 103 peer reviewed articles that including, 51 journal papers, 48 oral and poster presentation abstracts, 2 book chapters, 1 text book, and 1 US patent (US8168440). Dr. Rizvi's publications include two most highly rated articles, two cover articles and one figure from Dr. Rizvi’s paper was included in the textbook “Quantitative Chemical Analysis” by Daniel C. Harris (7th Edition, p 616, W. H. Freeman, 2006, ISBN-10: 0716770415). Dr. Rizvi also presents his work through posters and oral presentations in national and international conferences. Dr. Rizvi serves as editor-in-chief, associate editor, executive editor and editorial board member for 35 different journals (various capacities) and review manuscripts and books for 76 well known scientific publications (journals and books). Dr. Rizvi enjoys teaching and engaging students in thought process and practice Martial Arts.
Research Interest

Micro and Nano-Technology for Drug Delivery, Controlled Release Formulations, Solid State Chemistry of the Drugs, Surface Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Soft Material Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Vaccinology and Immunology

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