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Shreeharsha HV

Shreeharsha HV
MVJ College of Engineering,

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    Simulation of Sloshing in Rigid Rectangular Tank and a Typical Aircraft Drop Tank
    Author(s): Shreeharsha HV, Shivakumar SG and Mallikarjun SGShreeharsha HV, Shivakumar SG and Mallikarjun SG

    In this research, the liquid sloshing behavior in a 3D rectangular tank was simulated and validated by applying peak acceleration load using computational fluid dynamics technique. The application of this sloshing phenomenon was carried out on a typical Aircraft Drop tank with and without baffle plates for 7 g peak acceleration. The structural integrity of the drop tank has been taken into consideration during the cruise flight condition. Further, an optimized design of a drop tank has been modeled. The comparison of computed results for 3D rectangular tank case with experimental results showed that the numerical technique is capable of simulating hydrostatic pressure loads exerted on tank walls. Similarly, the necessary sloshing loads in the form of hydrodynamic pressure generated on the tank walls have been estimated for different cases of a typical aircraft drop tank. The kinematic.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000186

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