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Rajesh A

Rajesh A


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    Design and Analysis Aircraft Nose and Nose Landing Gear
    Author(s): Rajesh A and Abhay BTRajesh A and Abhay BT

    Tri-cycle arrangement landing gear is extensively used as it is simple; convenient both structurally as well as aerodynamically. Though it is advantageous over other configuration is has its own draw backs. Factors like its weight drag, sudden application of load, acoustics, fatigue etc tend to slow down its performance and life. Among main landing gear and nose landing gear; the former carries about 85% of total weight of aircraft and latter carries around 12-15% of weight. The nose landing gear is also a source of noise and its effect is prominent when compared to main landing gear. In this project the executive jet aircraft are studied thoroughly and a nose landing gear similar to those of executive jets is modeled using CATIA. The same geometry is imported to ANSYS ICEM and flow on the body is analyzed for different angle of attack. Pressure variation, temperature, density and vel.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000144

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