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Radice G

Radice G

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    Fuel Contamination on the Large Transport Airplanes
    Author(s): Behbahani-Pour MJ and Radice GBehbahani-Pour MJ and Radice G

    There have been different cases of aircraft accidents, due to the water contamination in the aviation fuel. Since large transport airplanes fly at very high altitudes, where ambient temperature can reach -6°C, water may freeze causing blockages in the fuel lines, filters, booster pumps, etc., and lead to engine thrust reduction and or engine shut down. Microbiological contamination of the fuel, due to microbial growth in the fuel, it can result in fuel tank structure corrosion, and in turn, leads to fuel leak. Fuel leak on hot engine surfaces or hot brakes can result into fire or explosion. In addition, the biological microorganisms in aviation fuel, can cause other technical problems such as it leads to fuel quantity gauge malfunctions, and fuel filter clogging. Therefore, it is important to eliminate or reduce the presence of the water and microbial growth in the in the fuel. Th.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000200

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