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Preeti Soni

Preeti Soni


  • Review Article
    A Study on Prevalence of Tobacco Use among Children: A Literature Review
    Author(s): Preeti Soni and Sunil Kumar MPreeti Soni and Sunil Kumar M

    The present paper reviewed majority of the studies Rani, 1999; Ball, 2003; Gupta, 2004; Daravuth, 2008; Thomas, 2009 and Synnove, 2009 which were based on tobacco consumption. The review of literature found that most of the studies on present topic focused only on adult population and that too are medically oriented. However there are few studies which cover social factors such as Viswanath (2006), Ram (2003), Surendra (2007) and Kumar (2008). Actually the impact of tobacco seems at latter stage of life, therefore majority of the studies focused on the adult age group and young age group been neglected by the most of researchers. But here attempts are made to review on tobacco consumption among children in India as well as other western countries to understand the present scenario on the consumption of tobacco among children. The period wise studies specific on the children population.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6488.1000187

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