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Phillip B. Berkey Moheno

Phillip B. Berkey Moheno
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  • Review Article
    A Review of the Development of Calcium Pterins and (250:1 Mol:Mol) Calcium Folate for the Immunotherapy of Certain Diseases
    Author(s): Phillip B. Berkey MohenoPhillip B. Berkey Moheno

    The development of a class of immunotherapeutics, the calcium pterins, beginning with Ca Pterin·2Cl (Ca-Pterin) and culminating with calcium pterin 6-carboxylate chelate (CP6CC) for several immunologically-related preclinical and clinical indications is reviewed here. A preliminary analysis of their immuno-mechanisms of action is discussed. The preclinical murine models first tested with CaPterin and dipterinyl calcium pentahydrate (DCP), a dimerized version of CaPterin, were four murine breast tumor models. These four models included: C3H/HeN-MTV+ female mice with spontaneous mammary gland adenocarcinomas; Mammary EMT6 allografts implanted in nonimmune female Balb/c mice; MDA-MB-231 human breast tumor xenographs in SCID mice; and MDA-MB-231 human breast tumor xenographs in athymic nude mice. An analysis of the differing tumor responses in these breast tumor models led to the det.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2169-0138.1000140

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