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Panitan Pradubpongsa

  • Case Report
    Latex-Fruit Anaphylaxis from Persimmon
    Author(s): Panitan Pradubpongsa and Pinyapat Kanechorn-Na-AyuthayaPanitan Pradubpongsa and Pinyapat Kanechorn-Na-Ayuthaya

    Background: Despite rare reports of persimmon anaphylaxis, the association of persimmon with natural rubber latex is low or undetermined, and latex-fruit syndrome presenting with anaphylaxis caused by persimmon has not been reported. Methods: Allergy skin testing were performed for aeroallergens, persimmon and plant foods, including those implicated in the latex-fruit syndrome and local fruits. Results: Strongly positive prick by prick and skin prick tests reactions in response to persimmon fruit, plant foods with known cross-reactivity with latex and latex were demonstrated. Conclusion: Our patient showed strongly positive allergy skin testing in response to persimmon fruit, specific plant foods with reported cross-reactivity with latex and latex. Although specific IgE for persimmon frui.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9554.1000340

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