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Osheku A Charles

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    Parameterization of Micro Satellite Launch Vehicle
    Author(s): Adetoro MA Lanre, Fashanu TA and Osheku A CharlesAdetoro MA Lanre, Fashanu TA and Osheku A Charles

    The new trends in micro satellites mission for wide range of applications has motivated worldwide research in design and development of micro satellite launch vehicles (MSLVs) as a vital options in the deployment of such satellites into their respective mission orbits. Presently, most micro satellites are launched through rideshares with rockets or rocket-like systems, which were developed essentially in the seventieth and eightieth of the last century. The MSLV as a proportional micro satellite launch vehicle, up till now has only the status of technology and system study work and is well known that the research and development of MSLV are diversified in different fields. However, the realization of MSLVs is rigorous since such vehicles compound the inherent difficulties of traditional launch experiment with intrinsic problems of uneven mass distribution, slenderness, high frequency .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000134

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