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N Vivekanandan

N Vivekanandan
Central Water and Power Research Station,
Pune, Maharashtra

  • Research Article
    Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and Regression Approaches for Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Performance of Quarter Circular Break Water
    Author(s): N VivekanandanN Vivekanandan

    Quarter-circle Break Water (QBW) is a modified semi-circular breakwater, which are similar to caisson consists of a quarter circular surface facing incident waves, with horizontal bottom and a rear vertical wall and are generally placed on a rubble mound foundation. QBW may be constructed as emerged with and without perforations that may be one side or on either sides. By these perforations, the energy is dissipated owing to the formation of eddies and turbulence is created inside the hollow chamber. In this paper, the data collected from the experimental work carried out at National Institute of Technology, Surathkal is analysed by plotting the non-dimensional graphs of reflection coefficient, reflected wave height and incident wave height for various values of wave steepness. These values are used for prediction of QBW adopting Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Regression (REG) ap.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/0976-4860.1000199

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